10 Dangerous Mistakes All Cat Owners Should Stop

Even the foremost experienced cat house owners typically build serious mistakes whereas caring for his or her pets. additionally, the animals ought to endure discomfort as a result of this and, as a result, our pets may begin behaving badly.
Bright Side desires to share the ten most typical mistakes we have a tendency to build whereas caring for cats and hopes that this text can assist you to resolve any problems and avoid creating these mistakes within the future.
9. Bathing their cat

In most cases, these procedures have a positive impact on a cat’s health. They cut back the chance of duct gland tumors in feminine cats and male reproductive gland tumors in male cats. Moreover, unsexed cats aren’t at risk of aggression or effort from home.
Even some dogs get nervous once their house owners wash them. Cats nearly don’t get to be washed: they clean themselves on their own frequently. If your pet gets dirty, it’s higher to use a wet towel and softly rub the stain with it. In rare cases, once bathing is de facto required, try and spot clean, and solely wash the elements of the body that area unit dirty, not the full body.

8. Feeding them dry food solely

Dry food is simply a snack. It can’t satisfy your animal’s hunger. Their menu ought to contain wet food and it’s counseled that you just provide this to your cat many times daily. By the way, don’t throw the dry food out completely: it’s smart for your cat to snack on throughout the day.

7. Not taking them to the vet

Even cats that have not been outside ought to get immunized. Living in an associate degree flat doesn’t mean your soft friend can’t get sick. Once each half a dozen months, it’s best to bring your cat to a vet.

6. deed plants wherever your cat will reach them

Some houseplants area unit is venomous to pets. As you recognize, cats wish to try and eat flowers, thus it’s higher to create certain before that your home’s flora isn’t dangerous for your home’s fauna. Among the foremost venomous plant’s area unit azaleas, daffodils, aloe, begonias, Calla lilies, and focus.

5. heavy them for dangerous behavior

As a rule, a cat’s dangerous behavior is their thanks to solving issues. they begin scratching articles of furniture if they don’t like their scratching post or if it’s put in an associate degree inappropriate place. Cats bite and scratch if they weren’t instructed the way to play with humans or if they notice you dangerous.
If a cat doesn’t use its litter box, it would have health problems or it doesn’t like its litter box. If you’re reaching to penalize your cat for this, you’ll solely get a frightened and irritable pet.

4. shopping for a cat for a little kid

Children shouldn’t be allowed to be left alone with cats. a child will hurt their pet. And additionally, loud noises frighten cats and that they will become aggressive. If you opt to urge a pet, it’s higher to stay a watch on your kids if they’re around.

3. Ignoring your cat’s right to be alone

Just like humans, cats want an area wherever they will be alone, and feel comfortable and secure. A cat wants a shelter wherever it’ll be ready to hide and sleep, particularly reception.

2. Feeding your cat milk

Kittens ought to drink their mothers’ milk. If thanks to some reasons, they can’t dig, tin can get replaced with special milk alternatives bought at the vet, goat’s milk, and light-weight cream (10%). however, in adolescence, many changes happen to the cat’s body and it produces less of the protein required for correct milk assimilation. And in adult animals, the congenital disease might occur.

1. Declawing

Declawing is taken into account to be a cruel operation and it’s prohibited in several countries. throughout this procedure, the associate degree animal gets its 1st knuckles broken and amputated. As a result, the cat suffers from severe pain in its paws whereas walking.