10 Signs You May Have Kidney Disease

9 Swollen Eyes doctors near me

doctors near me

Having protein in your urine is one of the earliest signs that the filter system in your kidney is bad and this will cause the parts around your eyes to urge swollen. Swollen eyes are a result of tons of protein being leaked into the urine by the kidney, rather than keeping it and traveling your body.
Book a meeting together with your doctor if your eyes are still swollen despite being well-rested and having many proteins in your body.

8 Swollen Feet, Hands, and Ankles Cord Blood

Cord Blood

The extra liquid isn’t taken from the body by malfunctioning kidneys and since of this sodium remains within the body, thereby leading to swollen hands, feet, and ankles. it’d even be a symbol of getting issues within the veins or heart and disease.
Let it’s known that sometimes all you would like to try to to to prevent the swelling is by reducing your salt intake, eliminating an excessive amount of fluid from the body, and taking some drugs. If this doesn’t work, then contact your doctor to seek out a health plan.

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