8 Warning Signs That Your Heart Does Not Work Properly!

The grim reality of heart disease
For the last 15 years, heart disease has taken the cake as the leading natural cause of death in the United States. Conditions here include everything from ischemic heart disease to complications of hypertension.

Luckily, we have inbuilt health alarm systems that warn us when something isn’t right. Below are 8 of these heart problems warning signs that everyone needs to know about. That way, whether you want to monitor yourself or your sweet old granny you know exactly what to the lookout.

8: Swollen legs

This is one of the most important heart problems warning signs. It often presents as swelling on both lower limbs. The extent of the swelling depends on the severity of the condition and increases from the level of the feet up to the ankles and eventually to the legs and knees.

This is a common sign of heart failure especially when the chambers receiving blood from the body are the ones affected. Here, the heart is not able to pump efficiently leading to fluid buildup in the periphery.

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