9+ People Killed in Mass Shooting in Dayton, Ohio Whaley Exclaims “When Is Enough, Enough?”

First: Assault weapons and high-limit magazines don’t have a place on our lanes.

We should confront the NRA and weapon producers – they don’t claim this nation. We the individuals claim this nation. In any case, much more critically: We need to address what’s going on in America.

We keep on giving testimony regarding demonstrations of dread completed with a consistent idea: contempt of “the other.” We saw it in Charlottesville two years back, at synagogues in Pittsburgh and Poway, and now in El Paso.

We are in a fight for the spirit of this country. What’s more, at this time, we as a whole have an obligation to announce with conviction that disdain and extremism and racial domination have no spot in America. We will give detest no safe harbor….”

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