9+ People Killed in Mass Shooting in Dayton, Ohio Whaley Exclaims “When Is Enough, Enough?”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi noted (D-CA), “In under 24 hours, another American people group has been crushed by the deplorability of firearm brutality, this time in Dayton, Ohio. The hearts of all Americans break for the families and companions of those harmed and killed in this demonstration of fear.

We have a duty to the individuals we serve to act. The Republican Senate must stop their over the top hindrance and join the House to put a conclusion to the loathsomeness and carnage that firearm savagery perpetrates each day in America.

Representative Kamala Harris (D-CA) included, “Considerations and supplications aren’t sufficient — we need activity. Split a commitment today between Giffords, Brady, and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America who are effectively attempting to end this general wellbeing emergency….”

Congressperson Bernie Sanders (D-VT) included, “Yesterday evening, we viewed with sickening apprehension as we discovered that a youngster filled by bigotry and xenophobia shot and killed 20 individuals at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

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