9+ People Killed in Mass Shooting in Dayton, Ohio Whaley Exclaims “When Is Enough, Enough?”

At that point, at the beginning of today, we woke up to the news that it happened once more. Another mass shooting. This one at a bar in Dayton, Ohio soon after 1 am. Nine more dead and in excess of two dozen injured.All in under 24 hours.

There might be division in networks the nation over on various significant issues, however with regards to the issue of firearm savagery aversion there is none:

Democrats, Republicans, Independents and even weapon proprietors concur, ENOUGH will be ENOUGH, the time has come to face the NRA and make a move to make our networks more secure from firearm violence….”

A little while ago, Gabby Giffords approached Senator Mitch McConnell to get back to the Senate from August break quickly to address this issue, and I concur. He should….”

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