A Passionate Summer Drink

Hello. We are home from Italy. It was a great trip! Way too much gelato though, we blame it on the hot weather and the fact that Italy has the best ice cream in the world. Sweden has also been incredibly hot and sunny this summer. And since we have decided to take a short break from ice creams we made ourselves a yellow fruit drink to cool us down with instead.

I am a little bit obsessed with yellow. I use lemons in most of my recipes. I am crazy about easter. I have a beautiful yellow silk dress (a gift from David) and I have bought the cutest summer dress with big yellow flowers to Elsa. I still dream of the yellow Le Cruset pot and I desperately need a bike (yes, yellow). Of course I had to jump out of the car and run through this field of sunflowers as soon as I saw it. And when we were talking about a summer drink, my suggestion was: “Let’s make it yellow.” So we did.

Two summers ago we tried an amazing passion fruit and orange drink with a quite strong taste of mint and ginger on a Vietnamese restaurant in Copenhagen. This is our recollection of that drink.

Passion Fruit Summer Drink
Serves 4

1/2 cup mint leaves
2 limes, cut into 0,5-inch-pieces
3 inches fresh ginger (cut into thin sticks)
8 passion fruits
4 oranges, juice

ice cubes
1 cup sparkling soda

Muddle mint leaves, the lime pieces and half of the ginger sticks in a bowl, then pour it into a pitcher. Cut the passion fruits in half and scoop out the flesh into the pitcher. Add juice from the oranges and ice cubes and stir around. Top it with sparkling soda, a couple of ginger sticks and a mint leaf. Enjoy!