Basil & Walnut Pesto

Luise and I met in Rome in Italy. Each date we had i took her to a new restaurant, constantly trying to impress her. It turned out that no matter how expensive the restaurants were, all she wanted was the oh-so-simple Pasta Pesto.
A couple of months later we moved to Sweden and we haven’t (strangely enough) been eating very much pesto since then. Maybe because no one makes it like the Italians. But when our supermarket practically gave away flavory, organic Basil we began dreaming about the good-old-pesto-days again.
We used walnuts instead of pine nuts, they work just as well and Luise claims that they are even more nutritious.

Basil & Walnut pesto

Walnut Pesto

2 large handfuls of fresh basil
100 g walnuts
50 g parmesan
½ clove garlic
60 ml / 1/4 cup olive oil (or more if you’re Italian …)
salt and pepper

Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix them until it becomes smooth.
Serve it with pasta, on pizza or in a sandwich.