Cruciferous vegetable like Cabbage is another group that takes an indirect route to boost testosterone levels.

Cabbage et al contain Indole-3-Carbinol, which breaks down and eliminates excess estrogen.

In fact, studies show that healthy men who supplemented with Indol-3-Carbinol demonstrated a loss of estrogen metabolites in their urine samples by half after just one week of supplementation.

It’s specifically the phytochemicals in cabbage and other plants that provide the estrogen-blocking benefits.

But there’s more; Cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables fight cancer by inhibiting the expansion and spread of cancer cells.

This is connected to the estrogen-blocking abilities, as blocking estrogen has been used for a few times now to stop the recurrence of cancer in patients arrested.

While you won’t get the fat or cholesterol you would like for testosterone production, you’ll get the anti-estrogen factors you furthermore may need also as a healthy dose of vitamin C, and therefore the B Vitamins important for testosterone levels.