This one comes as a surprise to me too, but celery contains elements that both increase testosterone and reduce estrogen.

Celery contains plant sterols Androstenone and Androstenol, which both act like testosterone within the body.

It also contains a phytochemical called Apigenin that helps rid the body of excess estrogen, in much an equivalent way because the cruciferous vegetables do.

So include it in your green salads, and consider Celery together of your new go-to testosterone boosting snacks.

38.) spread
does spread increase testosterone

Generally speaking, all healthy fats are good for your testosterone profile, and that’s true for spread during a number of the way.

First of all, a 2 tablespoon serving contains 16 grams of fat distributed among all 3 healthy kinds: some saturated, more polyunsaturated, and most monounsaturated, which give the proper environment for increasing testosterone.

A benefit more unique to spread, however, is that the boron content, which has been shown in studies to extend serum testosterone levels in bodybuilders.