Chia & Raspberry Breakfast


It has become more and more obvious to me that Luise and I have lived these last years inside the eye of a whirlwind. Life seems calm when we sit here in our Stockholm kitchen, but recipes, apps, emails, comments, books, raising a child, freelancing, workshops, photography and social media are spinning around us faster and faster every month. Our old professions and lives have been swept away and new things have come along. It has been unreal, in the best kind of way. All of a sudden we are working with our passion and with each other. We are constantly learning new things and have no idea how the next month will look like. It is everything I dreamed about but never dared to hope for.

But living in a whirlwind also makes me dizzy. This pace. This flow of information. This constantly updating instagram-pinterest-email-life that we are so addicted to. It’s hard to find balance. Luise and I talk too much about food, answer emails too late at night and sometimes forget to just eat dinner because we are so busy discussing or shooting a recipe. I am sure we are not alone in this. The feeling that you want to be more present and not always watch your kids laugh through the lens of an iphone.

The theoretical solution is easy. To work on the day and turn off our phones during evenings and weekends. But it is so hard to change our habits, so we have talked about also taking a physical step outside of the whirlwind for a little while. Our rough plan is to spend two months in Melbourne, Australia, and then drive around New Zealand in a campervan for a month. We plan on being together. Watch Isac grow. Teach Elsa some English. Watch kangaroos. Play and hug a lot. But we will most probably also blog from the road. Perhaps do a food video from a camp kitchen. We might even do some kind of cooking class or food photography workshop somewhere on the way. As long as we are spending more time with each other than with the computer.

We are still not sure what we can afford or where we will end up, but we will probably be traveling from the beginning of December to the end of February. We would love to get some advices from you guys. You think we would like Melbourne more than Sydney? Great food, cafes or restaurants that we shouldn’t miss? Would anyone be interested in attending a workshop, if we arranged one in Sydney/Melbourne or New Zealand? Is the idea of driving around in a campervan with Isac when he is only five months old too crazy? All input is appreciated. Thank you friends!


This recipe is a variation of a chia pudding with a flavorful raspberry twist. It’s a simple, satisfying and very delicious breakfast or mid-day snack. Or even dessert. You can prepare it a day in advance and keep it in the fridge. If you are not yet familiar with chia seeds, they are filled with protein, omega 3 fatty acid and calcium, have a very mild flavor and are incredible at binding liquids. They are therefore great as egg replacers in baking recipes and in desserts and breakfasts such as this. The only disadvantage is the price. They are rather expensive, but you don’t need so much each time so they last long.

I almost forgot, here is a video from our youtube channel where Luise show how to make this recipe and tell you why she likes it so much.


Berry & Chia Breakfast
Serves 1

Feel free to play around with this recipe. You could replace the raspberries with other berries or mashed fruit and the milk with freshly squeezed juice. Or you could blend some dates with the milk and serve it as a dessert. Use whatever toppings you prefer. We do recommend including some kind of nut butter, it adds a nice balance to the sweet and tangy fruit flavors.

1 cup / 125 g fresh or thawed frozen raspberries
1 pinch ground vanilla
3 tbsp desiccated coconut, unsweetened
3 tbsp chia seeds
1 cup / 240 ml plant milk (we prefer almond, coconut or oat milk)

nut butter
hemp seeds
fresh mint

Mash the berries in a bowl using a fork. Add vanilla, coconut and chia seeds and combine. Pour over the milk and mix. Set aside to soak for minimum 30 minutes or overnight in the fridge. Serve in a bowl or jar topped with nut butter, hemp seeds, fruit and mint.