Citrus Salad

I didn’t have any food cravings during the first eight months of my pregnancy (David has had constant liquorice cravings though, but that doesn’t count). But during this last month I have developed some serious cravings for citrus fruits – oranges, blood oranges, grapefruits, lime, clementines and many more. I’m not talking about a three-fruits-a-day kind of craving, this is much more serious.

In one of those weak moments David made me this Moroccan inspired Citrus Salad with pistachio nuts and green raisins (they have a wonderful smoky taste). The salad is at the same time sweet, sour, bitter and fresh, therefore you can eat it as a dessert, as a snack, for breakfast or as a main course (at least if you are me). And doesn’t it look beautiful!?

We made a Cinnamon Yoghurt Dressing to go along with the salad. I need to spread the word if you haven’t tried it before: Cinnamon and orange makes a perfect combo!

Side note. Our baby is due today but doesn’t seem to have any urge to come out. The days feels longer and longer …
Say hello to our daughter Elsa!

Citrus Salad (adapted from this recipe from Sassy Radish)

10 citrus fruits (we used oranges, blood oranges, red grape fruit, clementine and lime)
1/3 cup iranian green raisins
1/3 cup pistachio nuts (roughly chopped)
a couple of fresh mint leaves

Peel and cut all the citrus fruits in thin slices. Arrange the slices in layers on a plate. Sprinkle over the green raisins, pistachio and mint.

Cinnamon Yoghurt Dressing
4 tbsp yoghurt
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp agave syrup
a couple of fresh mint leaves (chopped)

Mix everything in a small bowl and serve it with the citrus salad.