Cod Liver Oil

When we mention using certain foods to extend testosterone levels, the important thing to know is that we’re talking about providing your body with the raw materials it must produce and maintain optimal T levels.

Cod Liver Oil is strictly what it seems like – oil extracted from the liver of a codfish.

It contains many Omega 3 Fatty Acids also as many Vitamins A and D, all of which help provide that perfect environment for the build-up and maintaining high levels of testosterone.

When vitamin A and D levels are sufficient (ie not deficient), your body’s resources aren’t needed to compensate and may be focused on maintaining proper hormone levels and ratios.

The Omega 3s in Cod Liver Oil act in 2 ways: first, they assist reduce that inflammation which will cause reduced testosterone, second, they keep your insulin response in correct balance which is additionally known to assist boost T levels.