Another great food that builds testosterone is grapefruit.

For those that aren’t big fans of Oranges, Grapefruit may be a great alternative.

Not only can grapefruit lower your blood glucose and promote regularity but due to its vitamin C content, it also can increase testosterone.

However, you’ve got to take care of consuming an excessive amount of Grapefruit.

You know those warnings you see about grapefruit on medication labels?

grapefruit medication warning on the label

Well, it seems that consuming grapefruit can overwhelm the liver by metabolizing it through the P450 pathway, or an equivalent pathway that medications are typically metabolized through.

This can cause a number of problems, and you ought to definitely heed the warning if you’re taking any medications that have it.

It’s also speculated that grapefruit can actually LOWER testosterone levels by increasing estrogen levels.

Studies have yet to prove this, and anecdotal reports also seem to support the thought that it shouldn’t have ANY effect on testosterone levels.

Grapefruit is certainly a tasty choice, but i might put it lower on my list if I were you.