Ground beef is certainly one of the upper-fat content meats you’ll prefer to help increase your protein intake.

In a 3 ounce serving, 80% – 20% hamburger goes to offer you 23 grams of protein and almost 15 grams of fat (over 5 of them saturated fat) in its 230 calories.

That’s 130 calories within the fat alone, making hamburger something you ought to use sparingly as you’re employed to include testosterone boosting foods into your diet.

We’ve been talking about all the varied meats and the way they contribute to healthy testosterone levels, but we haven’t talked about one important thing to think about, and that’s HOW the animals you’re eating are raised.

In today’s world of grain-fed livestock pumped filled with antibiotics and hormones, it’s important to means that the simplest, most nutrient-dense and toxin-free meats come from grass-fed animals.

It’s undoubtedly costlier to by free-range, grass-fed beef free from hormones and therefore the like, so if it’s not in your budget, get your animal protein where you’ll, but if you’ve got the means, the more natural the higher.

As with the opposite sorts of beef protein, hamburger provides a big amount of zinc also.