Immune Boosting Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juice
Lately we’ve been discussing food that’s good for you vs food that tastes great. Of course we both like it best when it tastes great and is nutritious, but sometimes we try a recipe that really contains a whole lot of good stuff and then the taste might feel less important.

Take this Grapefruit Juice for example. Red grapefruits, strawberries and ginger are some of our favorite ingredients, and they are also good for strengthening the immune system. We mixed them all into a sharp red-colored juice. If you make it on sweet grapefruit and fresh strawberries it definitely tastes great. But if you use frozen strawberries (the only alternative in Sweden 9 months a year …) the juice might become a bit sour, although it still is just as good for the immune system. So if you live in a sunny country where the fruit is always sweet – or wants to give it a try anyway – here is our Immune Boosting Grapefruit Juice.
Luise wants to add that she thinks the juice tastes superb, even with frozen strawberries, it’s just David being grumpy …

Immune Boosting Grapefruit Juice
2 glasses

6-8 mint leaves
1 red grapefruit
2 handful strawberries (unfrozen)
1 small piece fresh ginger
½ tbsp vanilla powder
ice cubes


Mix it all in a juice machine or in a blender. If you use a blender the mint leaves should be muddled (like when you make a mojito).