vegetable oil

In order to supply testosterone, your testes need cholesterol.

Olive Oil can increase the presence of the cholesterol needed for this process and help the Leydig cells in your testes better absorb and use the cholesterol that’s present and use it to supply testosterone.

I know it seems counter-productive to feature fat to your diet once we know that the fatter you’re, the less testosterone you’ve got – in large part because SHBG lives in your fat cells.

But there’s an enormous difference between animal fats and plant fats, and therefore the science shows that the simplest thanks to getting the facts we’d like to stay our systems running smoothly, without ending up storing it all as excess fats on our own bodies, is to urge them from plant sources.

Olive oil isn’t primarily saturated fat like Red Palm and Coconut Oils; it’s monounsaturated fat, which is taken into account healthier in most respects than saturated fat.

Yet it’s still been shown to extend testosterone levels, during this study by over 17% in only 3 weeks.