Veggie Tower


We weren’t sure if we should call this a Veggie Tower or an Upside-Down Beet Salad. Both names are rather striking. Regardless of its name, this is a dish that you want to try because we are pretty sure that you are going to love it. You might actually fall off your chair. It’s that good. And with that said, we wanted to focus on something else now. Things we love. Stuff we have read. And other exciting bits and bobs.

Vegetarian Everyday, the US edition of our book is finally in stores! Ask for it in your bookstore or get it on amazon.

• Elsa’s new shoes. She is literally the coolest cat in town now!

• One of our friends just launched her website with some wonderful vegetarian recipes and other beautiful things.

• The plate on the top shot is new to us but not in this world. The owner of the shop we bought it in, told us that it is almost 200 years old. Mindblowing.

• What the world eats. But what about Scandinavia?

• We have updated both our apps with new recipes and a new feature; there is now an option to hide non-vegan and gluten recipes in Settings.

• Luise is somewhat of a workout nerd. She is of course dying to try this.

• Just started subscribing.

• We are six months behind, but we recently watched Searching for Sugarman. Amazing story.

• Want to go to Paris now!

• Can’t wait for this cookbook to happen. Congrats Hannah!

• A very flattering review of our book, on Foodepedia.


So, back to the Veggie Tower. This is how it actually looks like before it is mixed around, stuffed into a container and turned upside down. It is loaded with flavors; lemon, cilantro, avocado and of course beets. We tried something similar on a restaurant in Mexico. Right there, after two days of tacos and enchiladas, this fresh dish was exactly what we needed.


After flipping the beet salad onto a plate we top it with goat’s cheese, pea sprouts and roasted pine nuts.


Veggie Tower (also known as Upside-Down Beet Salad)
serves 4

5 large lettuce leaves
4 raw beetroots
2 raw carrots
1/2 cucumber
1/2 red onion
3 avocados
5 cherry tomatoes
1 handful of cilantro (coriander) or flat-leaf parsley
2 tbsp olive oil
2 limes, juice (start with the juice from 1 lime and adjust to your taste)
sea salt & black pepper

4-8 slices goat or sheep’s cheese (depending on the size of the cheese)
2 tbsp pine nuts, lightly toasted in a skillet
1 handful of pea sprouts

Rinse the lettuce leaves and coarsely chop them. Place in a large mixing bowl. Peel beets and carrots and grate by hand or using the grating attachment on a food processor. Slice the onion and tomatoes very thinly. Chop the avocados and cilantro and place all prepared ingredients in the mixing bowl. Add olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper and toss well, using your hands, so everything is coated in oil and lime and has a nice purple color.

Scoop one fourth of the veggie mixture tight into a 4 inch (10 cm) wide x 2 inch (5 cm) high, round container or bowl. Place a serving plate on top of the container and carefully turn it upside down, remove the container slowly. Top the veggie tower with slices of goat cheese, toasted pine nuts and pea sprouts. Repeat three times. Enjoy!